Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just posting some awesome Ads I found here and there. They're pretty cool and I believe most of them are European. Why am I not surprised?
The commercial above is mighty awesome and to be honest I didn't get it for the first 15 sec. but after that, I started thinking about the product they're selling here. This pretty much becomes my mother's nightmare.

The tagline for the one above is for a detergent ad that reads, "Removes grease stains."

What I liked about the one above is the concept of merging two iconic characters for children together. More like it used to be the "Mickey Generation" and now we are the "Spongebob Generation". Fun!

The one above is pretty disturbing but it gets the message across visually so I think it definitely works.

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  1. I quite like the detergent ad, this is the second cool one I have seen this quarter...which makes me wonder why don't I ever see these...anywhere?