Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coca-Cola Summer Cans

Tadah! The new summer cans, I think are cool. It's no surprise though, as you all know, Coca Cola always make sure to keep fueling their brand in any way possible, and I cannot think of a more successful brand than Coca-Cola. So there's going to be 5 limited edition cans for collectors and all, and the update was found in the Coca-Cola website as part of their "new products" section. They're pretty awesome and some of the cans, in terms of design, I think are more successful than others.

I personally like the glasses and BBQ the best. They're pretty clean and simple and gets the brand accross the summer.


  1. Yea i agree my favorite is the grill because the brand is brilliantly used as smoke and it is clear that coca-cola is the brand.

  2. These cans are dope! I think the weakest of the cans are the beach ball and flag, and the strongest are the grill and sunglasses. Coke has pretty much always been good at branding and making their products look really cool. I also like that for the most part they are consistent with their "Coke red" color in packaging/design. Even though I drink Pepsi, I may have to cheat on it and get me one of these cans.