Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea + Patterns = I'm in love!

I love tea! And I love patterns! So what better combination than this tea company with a shop and tea room in Knutsford. Sarah Walsh, a UK designer, uses pattern and tea shapes to portray the brand of the tea company, Mallard. The design is gorgeous and very vintage.
The best part of this design are the super cute tea cups with the patterns. They by themselves really create a brand and an image of what Mallard represents. It's vintage but it's settled and very well designed.


  1. I love this design as well! The patterns are really awesome and they definitely let you know what type of company Mallard is without knowing anything about the brand. There's a homey and comfortable feeling about the vintage quality that still has a modern feeling. This isn't stuffy, holier-than-thou type of tea; it's like taking your favorite grandmother's tea and making it cool for younger people to like it.

  2. I have to admit I'm not a fan of tea, but after seeing these adorable designs I'd give it another shot! It totally fits the image of the whole tea shop vibe that is modern and quaint. It's a lot better than some boring cups we have over here **coughstarbuckscough**. It definitely feels more youthful, and I think even if it costs a little extra to put these patterns on their products, it gives their company a positive image that will lure in new customers.