Friday, May 29, 2009


This packaging is really awesome. I think the designer Sid Lee really successfully developed the brand Functionalab effectively. The type, color and shapes of both the bottles and the boxes really look well put together and they work very well as well when put in the shelves.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea + Patterns = I'm in love!

I love tea! And I love patterns! So what better combination than this tea company with a shop and tea room in Knutsford. Sarah Walsh, a UK designer, uses pattern and tea shapes to portray the brand of the tea company, Mallard. The design is gorgeous and very vintage.
The best part of this design are the super cute tea cups with the patterns. They by themselves really create a brand and an image of what Mallard represents. It's vintage but it's settled and very well designed.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just posting some awesome Ads I found here and there. They're pretty cool and I believe most of them are European. Why am I not surprised?
The commercial above is mighty awesome and to be honest I didn't get it for the first 15 sec. but after that, I started thinking about the product they're selling here. This pretty much becomes my mother's nightmare.

The tagline for the one above is for a detergent ad that reads, "Removes grease stains."

What I liked about the one above is the concept of merging two iconic characters for children together. More like it used to be the "Mickey Generation" and now we are the "Spongebob Generation". Fun!

The one above is pretty disturbing but it gets the message across visually so I think it definitely works.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coca-Cola Summer Cans

Tadah! The new summer cans, I think are cool. It's no surprise though, as you all know, Coca Cola always make sure to keep fueling their brand in any way possible, and I cannot think of a more successful brand than Coca-Cola. So there's going to be 5 limited edition cans for collectors and all, and the update was found in the Coca-Cola website as part of their "new products" section. They're pretty awesome and some of the cans, in terms of design, I think are more successful than others.

I personally like the glasses and BBQ the best. They're pretty clean and simple and gets the brand accross the summer.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Vodka Packaging by Arthur Shraiber

This guy I think it's pretty awesome. I found him in one of my favorite design blogs, and the first thing that caught my undivided attention was this beautiful Vodka bottle packaging. Arthur Shraiber is a Russian designer that specializes in vodka and wine package design. He has a very clean style and he is able to combine ornate with classic package design with a lot of attention to detail. Check out his other bottles below.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shit Happens Dog Poo Bags!

I'm not crazy about dogs and even less so, their poop, but I have to say these dog bags at least make the experience more enjoyable, or as the German company, JungeSchachtel that came up with the concept for the Shit Happens Dog Poo Bags says, "Turn the less attractive moments in the life of a dog owner into an original happening." The concept for the bags is fun and lighthearted, targeting the consumer who clearly appreciates their dogs for a walk in the park or the like, to put more effort in their pets' precious gifts. A clean, environmentally friendly designs for the bags themselves portraying 16 different dogs with an appropriate quote each, packaged in a slick, clean and fun packaging. I have to say that I love the color scheme, given that it has a clean palette, adding the accent of bright colors. Dog poo never looked this chic!

The fashionable bags are not only pleasant to look at and fun to read but also usable for all poo sizes from Chihuahua to Great Dane. In other words the ideal way to carry the precious substance to a nearby bin. And being 100% bio-degradable, you know it's going to be good for the environment. Another reason why I enjoy design so much. Make use of your least enjoyable experiences into a unique way to look at things.

Check out their website, it's pretty cool as well.

"Think" and write it down anywhere!

So for my first post in this blog rightfully titled, "Pan de Hoy" which means, "Today's bread", I decided to post something about food and advertising (Why?....well, why not? :)

While looking for something interesting to post, I found this pretty awesome ad for the School of Visual Arts. The ad embodies the notion that all creative thinkers should "think" anywhere and everywhere and to of course write down their thoughts. I've always found that my best ideas have come from the most unexpected places. That's where I think the beauty of being a designer comes from. You can come up with the "big idea" just pretty much anywhere, as long as you don't forget two important things. Don't stop thinking and write them down anywhere. The ad below addresses places like toilet paper and napkins (which I've always found to be the best sketchbooks out there) to portray the message that anywhere really "means" anywhere.
The tag below the images says, "Creative thinkers such as Stefan Sagmeister, Paula Scher and Milton Glaser teach classes at the School of Visual Arts.
This campaign reflects that tradition by encouraging people everywhere to “Think” while also giving them a place to write down their thoughts."

P.S - Click on the image to see it bigger!